The Great Wall of Divide

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An original composition depicting our encounters with The Great Wall. Written at the north section of Jinshanling by one of the two beacon towers.

Meanings change, take my hand

You’re not the only one who doesn’t understand

Oh Great Emperor, do not deny it

We saw your greed, we saw your lies.


After this clash, neither survives

We are haunted and the reason is you

You shattered our hearts, and left the residue.


Listen to my words as we travel back through time

As one side of our country takes place a never ending crime

An emperor’s greed, an emperor’s pride, and emperor’s lies

Because of this threat of violence, millions die.


We build a weapon of silence.

No bullets, not one gun.

We stand smiling underneath the rising sun.


Armor on, swords sharpened

Joining the army to cross this long bridge to Heaven.

You gave promises, visions of a better tomorrow.


But what lies underneath those rubbles

Are slaves with stories so sorrow.


A great amount of effort was needed to divide,

The illusion and reality of war this Earth provides.

Listen to my words as we travel forward through time,

Now this item does nothing but block out the sun shine.

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