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Broga Hill: Hidden Tranquil Beauty At The Outskirts Of Kuala Lumpur

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It is surreal to know that this beautiful sight is actually located near Kuala Lumpur. Check out our video snippet of Broga Hill. Would you have thought that this is only a 400m hill?

Broga Hill is a hidden gem tucked 45mins away from the bustling and colorful Kuala Lumpur. Broga Hill or locally known as ‘Bukit Lalang’ is a hill by the quiet town of Semenyih. Although only 400m high and a 30minutes hike up to the third peak (it has three peaks at which you can see the sunrise from), the view you will get up there will make you forget that it is only a hill, you’re only 45mins away from KL and that you sacrifice your sleep by waking up at 430am to catch the sunrise.

Check this out the next time you have a long weekend in KL! I give it a shiny 5★★★★★!

Tip: Check the weather forecast beforehand.

Getting to Broga

From KL:

  • 45mins via Uber/Grab. 6-seater car is RM90 each way. About RM30 per pax (return). It is located along Jalan Broga. You won’t miss the entrance because there will be alot of cars heading towards that direction in the wee hours of the morning.

To KL:

  • We just called for an Uber Car. Waited for 20 minutes while we devour our Nasi Lemak breakfast =)

If you’re driving your own car, please take note that there is a RM1 parking fee.


Catching Sunrise At Broga Hill

Once you’ve found the parking entrance, just follow the crowd through the oil palm estate. Yes, there will be a crowd for sunrise, so be patient, give way to those faster than you and trek safely.


Avoiding Injuries

You are there to catch the majestic view of the sunrise and clouds, so the last thing you would ask for is a broken ankle or anywhere else. Here’s some tips for an accident-free experience of Broga Hill.

Tip 1: The route is a series of steep uphills and downhills. Survive this for 30 minutes and you will be rewarded with a beautiful grand view at the top. There are ropes for you to pull at some of the uphill slopes. Exercise caution as some of the ropes are tied to just a thin branch. It may not sustain your weight.

Tip 2: DO NOT attempt Broga if it rains the night before or in the early morning. The path gets really slippery and too dangerous for trekking.

Tip 3: When going uphill, put your body weight forward instead of standing straight.

Tip 4: Aim to finish the day walking the same speed at which you started. Think rhythm and flow. Tortoise rather than hare. There will be others who are faster than you. Just move aside and give them way.

Tip 5: Focus on positive thoughts, rather than how exhausted you feel. Repeat a mantra or positive expression to yourself over and over.

The Essentials

What to wear: Comfortable hiking shoes or sports shoes with a good grip | Sports Attire

What to bring: You are going up and down a steep hill. So the last thing you would want is to drag a 10kg weight on your back.

  1. Mosquito Repellent
  2. Headlight/Torchlight
  3. Camera (keep it small if you can. DSLRs are great but a chore to carry)
  4. 500ml water bottle  (It’s a 400m hill, you won’t need a big bottle for this)
  5. Some snacks
  6. Poncho or raincoat (in case it rains)

Please do your part in keeping the place clean and free from rubbish.

Once you’re back at the base, there will be a couple of stalls set-up in-time for breakfast. The coconut shake is just too good. Do give this a try.

Amenities Nearby: Parking Area, Meeting Point and Toilets

The View

I’ve seen beautiful photos of Broga from the Internet so I had expectations. But when I reached the third peak, Broga Hill exceeds my expectation and left me speechless. I know that I’ll get to see a beautiful sunrise but the clouds……I didn’t see that coming. At around 6.45 to 7am, a gush of clouds closes in and covered the entire valley. You will see the slow transitions of the clouds covering the town of Seminyak. It was magical! A video timelapse of this will be awesome! The last time I saw a sunrise like this was at the summit of Mount Kinabalu.



I would do this all over again if I have another long weekend in Kuala Lumpur. And next time, I’ll do a video timelapse of the sunrise! For now, I hope you enjoy this article and the photos.

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