A Travelogue In Motion For The Adventurer & The Adventurer At Heart

Eudaimonia (pronounciation “U-de-mOn-E-a”)

Eudaimonia is a Greek term which refers to the concept of Happiness. It is a state of being which results in a high-level happiness, one which can never be taken away and one which is permanent and self-sufficient. We travel the world in search of individuals who have attained Eudaimonia.

A travelogue of our journey around the world in search for Eudaimonia. This is our journey.

Our travel mileage: 42 countries | 363 cities | 980, 326 km (and this is only 11% of the world travelled)

Yup, That’s Us. Somewhere in Singapore, learning to sail a 29er. Always up to some mischief or other.

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