Climbing Mount Kinabalu: Part 3 – The Gears

You would probably have read on the things to wear and bring during the hike by now. As someone who loves documenting every moment in my adventures, these are what I figured as essentials. Personally, for the next hike I’m going to attempt (which will be Mount Rinjani), I will only bring these 6 items:-

Sony Action Camera (or any other mini action cameras)


If you love adventures, do consider investing in an action camera with all the mounts. I’m bias. So, I recommend the Sony Action Camera to you. Just because it is sooooooooooooo light plus quality is super HD. The quality is so good that I would just take a video throughout the activity and then screenshot moments of it as photos. 80% of my photos are actually screenshots. Secrets out!



I know, i know. There’ll be no network/reception when you’re up there but my iPhone is used to capture all those beautiful panoramas and sunrise. Plus, I’m able to view my videos and photos instantly from my Sony Action Cam. So I can do some video editing while resting.

Small bag with rain cover

Mine is just a SGD$3.90 waterproof bag to keep all the things. I added in a rain cover, just in case it pours heavily.


Cable charger for iPhone and extra battery for Sony Action Camera + Multi Adapter with USB ports


Don’t have to bring the adapters for all the electronic devices. All you need is just 1 multi-adapter with USB ports to charge your phone and camera battery.



You need to give your feet a breather after those long walks. I prefer to bring my crocs because of two reasons: Lightweight and covers the toes (protects my toes from loose rocks if I need to wear it)

Small Towel / Wet Wipes


Don’t bring a big towel. You just need a small one to wipe down the sweat or wash your face. In most base camps, there won’t be any hot showers.

Passport, Wallet 

For identity verification and for emergency purchases (like hiring a porter).

Pro-tip: What you feel is 1kg and light before the hike will be 6 times heavier during the hike and acclimatization. 

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