Expenses For 2D1N Mount Kinabalu Climb (with Via Ferrata)

MounK ExpensesHere’s how I derived to these numbers:

Note: 1st May is Labour Day. This is the only time when I can get my friends to come together for a trip like this. Hence, increase in expenses during public holiday period is expected. My calculation is in Singapore Dollars.


1. 2D1N Via Ferrata Experience

This includes:

  • Mount Kinabalu Climb via Timpohon Trail
  • Low’s Peak summit climb
  • Walk-The-Torq experience
  • All meals
  • Return transfers from Kota Kinabalu City to Kinabalu HQ
  • Mountain guide fee
  • Park and permit fees
  • Via Ferrata equipments
  • Accommodation at Pendant Hut

We are a group of 10. So, the discounted package price is MYR 1,730 (USD 433) for foreigners. Also, bear in mind that all package prices have increased ever since the 2015 earthquake, even if you decide to head to the Kinabalu HQ personally on your climb day.

2. Accomodation at Kota Kinabalu City

PODS Backpacker, Kota Kinabalu


So, it’s just right that we decided to sacrifice comfort to save some budget on accomodation on our 1st and last day in Sabah.

Due to it’s popular and positive reviews, we have decided to go for PODS. At USD $8/pax, well, we can’t really complain much, can we? On the contrary, PODS exceeds my expectation in every category! Bed is well-made, comfy and clean, reception staff is friendly, location is centralized, it is opposite a huge mall, located beside McDonald, AND it’s nearby the free airport shuttle bus pick-up point.

Update: The huge gym that is located on the 1st floor has closed down. Bummer!

Read more reviews about PODS here.

PODS Backpacker website


3. Flights

Most of us know that flying to Sabah/Sarawak from Singapore is expensive. There’s a way to save some costs but it will require some effort.

So if you’re travelling from Singapore, listen up guys. Apparently, it’s half the price cheaper to fly from Johor Bahru’s Senai Airport as compared to Changi Airport.

If you prefer convenience, then just fly directly from Changi Airport. But if budget is tight, here’s how you get to Senai Airport from Singapore.


Step 1: Make your way to Kranji MRT Station. Board bus 170 or the yellow Causeway Link bus CW1 to head to the Woodlands Immigration Checkpoint.

Step 2: Once immigration is cleared, board the same 170 or CW1 bus to the Malaysia Immigration Checkpoint for clearance.

Step 3: At the Malaysia Immigration Checkpoint, follow the signs leading to JB Central. There is an escalator going down from JB CIQ to JB Sentral. You will see a bus depot right below the checkpoint. Find the CWA Airport Bus to Senai Airport. Hint: It is located right at the end.

Travel duration: 45 mins

Bus Fare: MYR $8/one way (Buy the bus ticket right before you board the bus. There will be a bus conductor there to guide you)

Step 4: Congratulations! You have reached Senai Airport and saved some $$$.=)

Total for return Air Asia flight: SGD $300 (instead of approximately SGD $552)


4. Miscellaneous

Well, I need not have to elaborate on this, do i? I have decided to set aside a budget of only SGD $100 for any miscellaneous like taxi rides, food and souvenirs.


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