Cruising around Chennai in an Auto

Getting on flight TR 2632 to India after 10 years of waiting has to be the most euphoric feeling I’ve ever felt thus far. As we walked along the boarding gate area, we both prayed in our hearts of the two things we desire the most: Eudaimonia and Freedom

Armed with the drive to achieve our personal goals and blessings from both our parents, we paid SGD $125 for a one way flight to the Land of Thosai and Chai. Didn’t thought the price of freedom could be that low, huh? (we wish, hurhur)

Upon reaching Chennai, we were greeted by two jovial gentlemen of different stature: a retired politician, Siva, and a real estate broker, Baskar. How we know them? Errr… long story. Lolz. With no time to waste and a huge amount of excitement packed along with our 60 Litre backpacks, we set off exploring Chennai.

The city area of Chennai is like the Little India of Singapore gone wild. It’s crazy and we love it! Well, like China, there’s order in disorder. There’s chaos, people were running around, vehicles honking non-stop and there were lots of jewellery and tailor shops! Awesome. Hmmm… Come to think of it, tailoring our own Punjabi suit is not a bad idea.

The auto (short for rickshaw), as the locals call it costs between 40-50 rupees, which costs about SGD1. The price is right but the drive ain’t right. Auto drivers are like F1 drivers on steroids. Even though people here drive like crazy, we have yet to witness ANY accidents. But us being us, of course we love the auto. 🙂 Riding the auto is an adventure by itself. Dangerous, but hell yeah!

Halal food is easy to find here if you look hard enough. After savouring the Chai (Tea, $0.20), Thosai and Prata here, i now officially deduce that yes, the Indian food here is definitely mouth-watering. It gives you the “melt in your mouth, not in your hands” feeling. Ouh by the way: Prata is pronounced as Parotta here.

The locals are friendly but shy. However, they love to stare. So we felt like celebrities here.

Oh and this is our photo of the day aka POD:

There’s a huge Mustafa Centre in Chennai. Why am I not surprise? Hurhur

Redbull Project memo:

• Unlike Thailand, China and Malaysia, the design of the Redbull cans does not have a touch of India on it. Cans have a generic commercial Redbull trademark and look.

• Taste factor: 3    The Redbull drink here taste more diluted as compared to all those which I’ve tasted so far.

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