The Best Of Athens In 3 Days


  1. Beat the crowd at Acropolis by using the south east entrance instead of the west entrance. The tour buses will drop the tourists at the west entrance. There’s no queue at the south entrance.
  2. It’s not going to be a peaceful walk around this historic site. There will be construction going on.
  3. Come either when the gates open or in the afternoon around 5pm. You’ll have the place mostly to yourself. Great time to shoot videos with the last rays of sunlight before the sun sets.
  4. Some of the marbled foot paths are uneven and have smooth surfaces. So wear shoes that has friction or a good grip on the soles, so that you won’t slip.
  5. Check the closing times of some of the attractions. Some close early during winter.
  6. Sunscreen, sunglasses and water
  7. TaxiBeat App, popular in Athens which you can use to book taxi

Day One – Museum Visits

The first place that we would normally go to when visiting a new country, is the museum. It’s vital for us to understand the country’s past, present and future before we decide to embark on its main attractions, in the case of Greece, the Acropolis and all its ancient Greek temples.

There are 5 popular museums to go to in Athens.

1) Acropolis Museum
2) National Archaelogical Museum
3) Benaki Museum
4) Museum of Cycladic Art
5) Byzantine and Christian Museum

To have a rough idea of what collection/artifacts each museum displays, click here.

Since we only have 3 days to see and experience Greece, time is pretty limited. We only have one day which is dedicated to visiting museums. So, we chose these three to best give us a quick insight of Greece.

1) Acropolis Musuem
2) National Archaelogical Museum
3) Byzantine and Christian Museum

Day Two – Acropolis, Greek Temples, Lycabettus Hill

Day Three – Meteora or Santorini

We are torn between Meteora and Santorini.

Santorini, regarded as the most beautiful Greek island, is one of the MUST-see romantic places. Every Facebook albums of friends who have been to Greece, will definitely have photos of them with the mix of towering cliffs, inky waters of the Aegean Sea and its signature blue and whitewashed painted buildings. Santorini is definitely one of the perfect choices for honeymoon places.

Meteora, on the other hand….


I’m just lost for words right now.

…and so we picked Meteora.

Getting a train from Athens to Meteora

Pro-tip: Go to this link to purchase your tickets from Larissa station in Athens to Kalambaka. There is a direct route from Athens to Kalambaka which saves ALOT of time. If you get on a direct train, you won’t have to worry about getting off at the right station. Kalambaka will be the last station.

  1. From wherever you are in Athens, take the Metro and alight at Larissa Station, which is the central train station of Greece.
  2. At Larissa station, take the train to Kalambaka, which is the city below Meteora. Kalambaka is where you can find alot of hotels and eateries.