Surfing down sand dunes in Mui Ne

Yupz, you read it right! There are sand dunes in Vietnam. And it’s a huge one. So once you’re done wondering around the museums in Ho Chi Minh or spending your dollars at Bến Thành Market, hire the cheapest moped (cost is between $6 to $12), or gather a group of travellers from your hostel and rent a jeep. Once you’re there, you’ll be surrounded by kids who would want you to rent their sand boards. Guys, they only charge you 15,000 dongs for it, which is just a mere USD $0.70. So, please…spend that 70 cents, slide down that dune and have an awesome good time!

Traveller warning: Do not hire a motorcycle from a stranger in the street, you’ll get ripped off three times the price – make sure you go to a reputable looking tour shop on the main tourist road (Nguyễn Đình Chiểu). Do wear a cap, it’s gonna get REALLY hot over there!

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